"A lot of Cats" is a game where you have to guide a bunch of cats to safety. Use your mouse to point a laser and make them follow it. 

Done in march 2020 for the Quarantine Jam, theme was "A lot of"

Made by @Edudelm and @MiguelFdez77


ALotOfCats.zip 23 MB

Development log


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I LOVE THAT GAME, please do more levels because it's a beautiful game!!

Thanks! we are currently working on a mobile version. I will update this page when it comes out!


right-click dragging bugs out when the mouse leaves the game window. Could you please add something like shift-clicking or wasd/arrows as an alternative?


Hey, thank you for your feedback! Yep, right clicking wasn't the best idea por a browser game. We'll add another kind of input for this mechanic shortly. Thanks!

nice simple game this could be a full length game - objectives are not clear but somewhat a good game

Thank you!

Super cute. I am genuinely upset when a kitty falls out of the tree.


Thanks! It's a bit hard to save every cat, but some people managed to do it!

Sorry, I wrote that poorly.

I am emotionally attached to cats. Your game is very well done, I didn't mean that it was frustrating.


No no, you are right. The last level is a bit hard because of the controls, we are working on an update to fix those issues. Thank you for playing!